Pharmacy first

Helping you to look after your self.

The Pharmacy First service gives you the option of visiting your local pharmacist for self-care advice for common health conditions such as coughs, colds or earache. Pharmacy First encourages patients to self-care following advice from their pharmacist. Patients will only be recommended or provided with medication if absolute necessary.

Pharmacists are trained to be able to advise you on a range of common conditions, making it easier and quicker for you to get help without waiting for an appointment with the GP.  They will assist you to look after yourself without the need to visit a Doctor.  They are also trained to spot conditions that do need to be seen by a GP and they will refer you back to the Surgery when needed.

How it works

Simply walk into your local pharmacist and ask for some advice.

The treatment for most common conditions is about doing the right things for yourself. However, if medication is needed then the pharmacist will make the appropriate recommendation, which will be free for those who are exempt prescription charges.

Many pharmacies across west Leeds are open until late and at weekends, which is useful if you start to feel unwell with one of the minor ailments included in Pharmacy First and you don’t need an appointment to access the service.

Sort of conditions a pharmacist can help you to manage yourself